Sunday, January 27, 2013

A brave and bold Bucket List for 2013... on a Budget!

Ah, the age old adage, ‘find a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’, so many say it, few agree with it, because let’s face it, everyone lives for 5pm on Friday.... no one out there truly loves their job, right?
At a mere 25 years, I had the Degree, Masters, and 3.5 years work experience in the Banking Industry in the bag. Why? Because I thought it was what I loved, I spent my college years aching to get into a power suit and rise above the ranks in Finance to oust the male dominated hierarchy that currently existed.
Somewhere along that journey, I changed... the piece of canvas that lines by bedroom wall served as a reminder to me over the past few years to ‘Do Something you Love Every Day’, so I adopted my own motto ‘Do It’.  And so in a bid to fulfil this, I set a list of personal and professional challenges on an annual basis, an annual bucket list if you will. Easily done on a generous pay packet (albeit no bonuses – I was working in the banking industry after all), but here within lies the ultimate challenge, can I attain my annual bucket list on a budget (a ‘mature’ student one at that?) in 2013?
On January 25th, I terminated my employment in the banking industry in what I can only describe as one of the bravest and boldest decisions I’ve taken to date, terminated certainty, to face a year and a half of uncertainty.  It was time to follow my true passion in life, and listen to that aching desire I had to pursue a career in Journalism. In a bid to hone the necessary skills to become a full time journalist, I signed up to masters number two, one in Journalism and Media Communications.  My great love in life is the potency of the written word, and creating impactful articles that gauge your target audience, so I decided it was time to put the calculator away, close that excel spreadsheet, and follow my dream of becoming a journalist. Despite the absolute fear and terror at the notion of abandoning the familiar, the everyday comfortable life I lead, it had been on my bucket list 2012 to review my status in my job. I did.  I took the plunge, and tomorrow I begin life as a full time student (i.e. a full time pauper).... the bag is packed, the lunch is made, the pencil case is at the ready... #scared #nervous #excited #coppersonamonday
So there you go number one on this year’s Bucket List marked off:
1.       Hand in Notice. Embark on MA in Journalism and Media Communications.
Where to next.... well as Student life resumes, I am now on the quest to find employment in the realm of Journalism and Media to gain experience... Where does an ambitious, ballsy young journalist with a passion in current affairs go to get employment?
Answer: Everywhere! Emailing any CEO, any journalist, and any contact I can find in a bid to gain some hands on experience, and prove my worth in the industry.
2.       Get part time relevant work experience in the Journalism/Media Industry (Deadline: March 1st). Dare to be different, dare to knock on every door until someone sees some potential. HIRE ME! HIRE ME! HIRE ME!

3.       In 2011, I got my full driving license; in 2012, a family member finally agreed that if I’d officially been deemed road worthy, I was eligible for the open roads, and they insured me on their car, and so in 2013, my aim is to purchase my first set of wheels. Toyota starlet anyone?

4.        New Hobby... with a 15 hour week commencing tomorrow, I am in need of a new hobby! All suggestions welcome... currently thinking of a return to tag rugby, attempting swimming for the umpteenth time (without the aid of four floats, and six armbands), or possibly jumping on the cycling bandwagon (although the rust laden mountain bike which resides at my homestead in Cavan doesn’t look too healthy... 2nd hand bicycle wanted please!).  So yes, a new hobby is required.

5.       Travel, always on the mind. As a student, I shall be shelving my notions of a return to Africa, in favour of exploring more European cities.... #cheaphostel

6.       Continue to get involved in the political arena in Ireland. Following on from my involvement in the Being Young and Irish seminars continue to tackle issues arising from those seminars, and represent those young people on salient issues of contention in Irish society.

7.       The personal challenge... Another marathon? Another mountain? Or something more adventurous and challenging.... I am currently toying with the notion of the Autism Ireland cycle from Malin Head to Mizen Head over approximately 6 days, juxtaposing my desire to fundraise for a different charity this year, and challenge my sheer drive, determination and personal self.

8.       And lastly, in an attempt to veer away from living in the materialistic world that we all easily find ourselves sucked into (and in attempt to embrace student living), I have decided to try something new, but free to all, every weekend. There are so many events held every week in Dublin, yet we fail to avail of any, or embrace what Dublin or the surrounding areas have to offer, as we’re all too busy queuing for Buck Whaleys on a Saturday night and recovering on a Sunday. So there shall be weekly updates, via my twitter or my blog of what I find.... here’s to opening your mind to new and unexplored things in 2013!
So the detail may be sparse when it comes to my 2013 bucket list on a budget, but I want to express my intent for the year, of exploring the unexplored, opening my mind to things to new experiences, daring to do the things I want to do career wise, and when in doubt always remind myself that though I ‘Feel the fear’ to go ahead and ‘Do it’ anyways, after all life’s too short to live in any other way!

- The Forgotten Irish Graduate, 27th January 2013