Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A mugging, Morrissey and the Sammon of knowledge: Ireland 2 – 2 Austria

What else would you expect from a World Cup Qualifying game? Maybe a draw and an inept manager where the Irish are concerned; undoubtedly the Ireland v Austria clash was eventful both on and off the pitch.
It wasn’t the ‘Céad Mile Failte’ two unsuspecting Austrian fans were expecting when they arrived into Dublin yesterday, a mugging. Like any good tourists, the two Austrians were on route to the Guinness Storehouse, only to have their wallets (which contained their match tickets) snatched on the streets of Dublin 8.   Their plight was quickly highlighted by the marvel that is the social network forums; Twitter and Facebook erupted. Whilst the public conveyed their sheer disgust at the actions of their fellow citizens, the story came to the attention of the Irish fan forum Not only did the FAI offer replacement tickets for the two Austrian fans, but in true Irish football fan style (Sure who can forget the Irish fans in Poznan during Euro 2012?) organised a collection for the two unfortunate victims, and donations were made by fans to reimburse their losses. The heroic Irish football fans to the rescue once more.... #YBIG I’m sure the Austrians had holiday insurance... but ye didn’t think of that YBIG, now did you?  
And then the unbelievable happened; Robbie Keane arrived at the Aviva Stadium to watch the match accompanied by his cousin. OK, so Robbie Keane having a cousin isn’t quite unbelievable, but what is? His cousin is Morrissey, the former front man of The Smiths, and so Twitter went into overdrive once again. It was this story that for many was the highlight of the match; Robbie Keane has a famous cousin!
Lastly, there was the minor issue of the qualifying match, and Trapattoni’s Sammon of Knowledge (or lack thereof)! Conor Sammon was selected ahead of Kevin Doyle, the pandemonium that ensued was to some degree warranted. It appears Sammon isn’t all that knowledgeable on the football field, and has quite a lot to learn about the international arena. Quite simply he failed to make any real impact on the game. The Ireland side had quite a promising first half, and two Jon Walters goals before the break gave Ireland the lead. But then came our demise, in the second half Austria dominated possession and quite rightly deserved that equaliser, courtesy of David Alaba.
Full time Austria 2 – 2 Ireland .
And after a disappointing draw the inevitable happened, out emerged the finger of blame. Everyone points to the Italian. Trapattoni, when will you learn? But he remains insistent; when asked if it is now more difficult to qualify for the World Cup he replied “Why? We have the same table. The situation has not changed. No change. We have five games left and must play Sweden again”. Someone get the man a translator, I fear he didn’t quite understand the question.
Dunphy denounced Trapattoni, “Trap has no faith in Ireland”. Well he wouldn’t be the first now would he? But alas, Dunphy’s invaluable contribution came when he announced at the end of the night, “Trap doesn’t get our football culture”. Well if I’m honest, I didn’t realise we actually had one!
Oh, and did I mention, Robbie Keane has a famous cousin... Morrissey for god sakes, Morrissey! 
The Forgotten Irish Graduate, 27 March 2013